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Lahr, a Short Characteristic

Lahr, the beautiful city in the Black Forest, is located in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg. Its famous "Lahr Limping Messenger" calendar has carried the fame of the city throughout the world for 150 years. The city is celebrated for its charming situation and mild climate. Every street and every lane is open to the face of mountains, woods and gardens. The lovely, romantic Schutter Valley near Lahr, opening on the Rhine plain, is one of the most beautiful gateways to the Black Forest.

The city was founded by Walter von Hohengeroldseck about 1280. Numerous monuments from this period bear witness to a proud past. The fortress of the Hohengeroldseck family and the Stork's Tower, a remainant of the old city stronghold of the lords of Geroldseck, stand out as landmarks. Splendid architectural monuments and patrician houses in the most varied styles are characteristic of the city. Of great significance to art historians is the picturesquely situated early Romanesque Church, dating from the 10th century. It is in the Burgheim section of the city and is one of the oldest churches in Germany. Beautiful Biedermeier houses are situated in dreamy gardens and parks recalling the period of the poet Ludwig Eichrodt, a friend of Scheffel's youth. The many-sided commercial and industrial activity in the town is hardly noticed. Lahr is a "city of landscape", of sport, a friendly dwelling town with ideal settlements for building one's own home in well-wooded surroundings, among good schools and cultural institutions.

Text: Arthur Weitkamp, Cincinnati (ca. 1940)

Postcard above: Lithografy with Stork's Tower and Orphanage (ca 1900)


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